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Basic Blue Ecofriendly Premium Sustainable Surfwear



We’re advocates for beach-dwellers, sand castle-builders, family seaside adventures, sunny days, sandy feet, and protecting our sea creatures above and deep below.

We love these people. We are these people.

That’s why we made stylish, functional and sustainable wetsuits for women and children. So our beach-lovers can move, swim, dive, frolic, play, laze and feel good all day in a wetsuit that is built to last them a lifetime, filled with more days like this.


Wetsuits designed for every season

Before Basic Blue, the majority of wetsuits at the beach were often sporting bright colours, overpowering patterns and branding. Some are made with petroleum based materials which are harmful to the environment, while others are made through a “fast fashion” lens that weren’t built to last (or looked flattering).

That’s when Basic Blue was born: Stylish and high-quality wetsuits for adventurous women.

We’re turning things around in the wetsuit arena to create quality pieces with neutral tones and timeless patterns that are made to last beyond temporary fashion trends.


Functionality for the stylish and adventurous ocean-lover

We design our pieces for ocean lovers (and the environment) in mind. Whether you frequent the beach for sport, adventure or leisure, we use high-quality, quick-drying and flexible Japanese YAMAMOTO rubber, made from natural Limestone.

Used by professional surfers, swimmers and divers worldwide, our eco-friendlier neoprene material acts as a “second skin”, moulding to your body, so you can enjoy any activity on or off the beach without taking your wetsuit off.



Better for you, me and the sea

We make our wetsuits safe and allergy-free for all ages while keeping the lives and ecosystem below the waves at the heart of our sustainability goals. That way, no petroleum or harsh additives are involved compared to standard rubber wetsuit products.

Our wetsuits are built to last and withstand all your ocean activities for years to come. If taken care of correctly, your wetsuit will last you a lifetime. That’s a lot of beach trips, family holidays and adventurous activities for your new wetsuit to be a part of.


Our promise to you and the planet

Basic Blue was born to provide women and children who love the ocean and care about the planet (the same way we do) with stylish wetsuits that are built to last. We make our wetsuits in smaller quantities for a more significant impact, which means better quality products produced well and a smaller environmental footprint. Our products, packaging and business processes are made as ethically and sustainably as possible.

We’ll continue striving for better.

Basic Blue Team