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The basics of caring for your wetsuit

While all of our products are created and designed by our experienced wetsuit manufacturer with care to ensure high quality, the longevity of your Basic Blue wetsuit will ultimately come down to how well it is cared for.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to look after your wetsuit the way you should. However, if you take good care of your wetsuit, it might last you a lifetime.


Rinse your wetsuit with cold, fresh water after every use - salt water will destroy your wetsuit faster than anything else.


Dry your wetsuit inside out and out of direct sunlight - it may take a little longer but you will thank us later.

Maintaining it's shape

Hang your wetsuit up by the bottom, not the neck or shoulders - this will help maintain the shape.


Wetsuits are designed to be worn in the saltwater only. Do not machine wash, iron or tumble dry your wetsuit.